Our history

Yuturi Conservation Group, is an organization that was born approximately 35 years ago, it is an organization dedicated to protecting and preserving the Ecuadorian Amazon jungle, as well as its wild fauna and flora. Together with other foundations, we support the community through health, educational, scientific and economic contributions.

The main objectives of the Yuturi Conservation Group are:
• Promoter of Sustainable Tourism
• Support the conservation of Biodiversity
• Promote the development of local populations

All activities carried out through the Yuturi Conservation Group are environmentally friendly, socially just and economically profitable.


Being a reliable company that offers security to our clients and collaborators, in addition to providing the best sustainable tourism experience in Ecuador, ENVIRONMENTALLY RESPONSIBLE, improving the quality of life of all stakeholders, SOCIALLY JUST, guaranteeing the perpetuity of the system for future generations, ECONOMICALLY PROFITABLE.


To be a company with clear objectives, simple processes and social strategies that allow unique experiences, becoming leaders in the tourism industry, providing tourism services that exceed the expectations of our visitors, through reliable work that contributes to the socio-economic development of the population. , minimizing the impacts that affect the environment and achieving the satisfaction of our visitors.


Reduce threats to wildlife and natural communities.
Generate income derived from tourism for conservation.
Practice ethical standards of customer service.
Support sustainable and sustainable tourism.


Be socially fair and supportive.
be environmentally responsible.
Be economically profitable.

The first steps

Yarina Eco Lodge was built 25 years ago, at first it was as a rescue center, then with the years it became a tourism center. Our main objective has always been and will be forest conservation and preservation of the environment.

Yarina Eco Lodge is in a tropical humid forest spanning over 400 hectares, located a one-hour canoe ride from El Coca city, in the zone of influence of Yasuní National Park, right in the heart of the Amazon Rainforest.

We continue the work...

As time went by, we also built the Amazon Dolphin Lodge, an eco lodge that it´s located in the Pañacocha forest, five hours from “El Coca City”.

The Pañacocha Protected Forest, (56,000 hectares) is a Biological Corridor that unites the Yasuni National Park and the Cuyabeno Faunal Production Reserve.

Pañacocha is classified as a Tropical Humid Forest. Its natural wildlife is abundant in each of its corners. A short list of possibilities to observe includes: 5 species of monkeys (howler, capuchin, lion, barizo, spider), marmots, otters, caiman, of course the freshwater pink Amazonian dolphin and many more.

¿Why choose us?

Sustainable Tourism

Because we always seek to promote true Sustainable Tourism, that is, respecting the environment, its environment and the human being.

Responsible contribution

Because for each tour that you buy, 5.oo usd are destined for programs and projects for the conservation of the biological diversity of the Ecuadorian Amazon.


Because we are a serious company with more than 25 years of experience in tours within the Ecuadorian territory

Development of tourism

Because with the development of tourism, we promote job opportunities for local residents, and we promote Environmental Education in all our tour packages.


Because each and every one of the programs that are offered by the members of the YUTURI Conservation Group are products with an excellent quality of services.

Environmental organization

Because we have formed a non-profit environmental organization whose mission is to conserve biodiversity and promote sustainable development in the Ecuadorian Amazon region.